1493614445299 - What do fried chicken, Rose McIvor and 90210 have in common? Ask Taika

What do fried chicken, Rose McIvor and 90210 have in common? Ask Taika

He’s promised to dismantle Thor: Ragnarok, now it appears Kiwi film maker Taika Waititi is dismantling Los Angeles – its pavements, to be precise.

Waititi, who’s in LA putting the finishing touches on his first Marvel film, shared some snapshots of “classic” LA sights, including a bag of fried chicken, New Zealand Actress Rose McIvor and 90s heartthrobs Luke Perry and Jason Priestley.

“I love LA,” Waititi captioned the chicken shot. “You can find free sacks of half nibbled fried chicken just sitting on the pavement in broad daylight!”

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Later, Waititi and Kiwi actress and iZombie star Rose McIvor, got up close and personal with the pavement’s of Hollywood.

A shot showed the couple slouched against a mail box, with the caption:”Los Angeles is good for your spiritual growth! Also, very worried about @imrosemciver #intervention”.

McIvor wasn’t the only star Waititi was hanging out with in Hollywood, the 41-year-old shared a snap of himself with ​the original 90210 heartthrobs, Priestley and Perry. 

An uploaded photo of the trio giving the camera the full Blue Steel was captioned: “The signs of Ragnarok are everywhere.”

Ragnarok also means “the end of the world”. For some, the end of the world happened in 2013 when 90210 final episode aired.

Perry is currently playing Fred Andrews in teen drama Riverdale. His on-screen son is Archie, played by former Shortland Streeter KJ Apa. 

Priestley is currently on Kiwi screens playing Matt Shade in the detective drama Private Eyes.

Waititi’s social media game is usually pretty tongue in cheek. Just last week he shared a 2013 image of Doctor Strange actress Tilda Swinton photobombing unsuspecting businessmen taking a nap.