1492981370741 - Watch out Thor, here comes the rock beast

Watch out Thor, here comes the rock beast

Taika Waititi is more than just a film maker, he is also a part-time rockstar.

The Hunt for the Wilderpeople director took to Instagram to show off his guitar skills.

Waititi looked the part also, with a shirt tied around his head and electrical tape on his face.

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Waititi captioned the video “RAGNAROK. HEED THE SIGNS PEOPLE!!! And have a great weekend.”

The Kiwi director is in America directing the new Marvel film Thor: Ragnarok.

Just last week Waititi revealed he had cast himself in the movie to play rock beast Korg.

Vanity Fair magazine said for his role as Korg, Waititi “will be laying on a lilting Maori accent for Ragnarok”.

Perhaps Korg the rock beast will not be as literal as first thought.