1492037212235 - U2 booted Lorde out of her studio while she worked on Melodrama

U2 booted Lorde out of her studio while she worked on Melodrama

Lorde was evicted from a recording studio by U2 while working on her new album. 

In an article by New York Times writer Jonah Weiner, the Kiwi musician revealed members of U2 showed up and booted her out of her recording space.

The incident nearly led to a fight with U2 guitarist The Edge, who she spotted at a gym later that afternoon.

To be fair, U2 had reserved the space, but it was still an inconvenience for the Green Light singer, who suddenly had to find a new space to work in.

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When she saw The Edge in the gym, “I thought about saying something, but I decided, Nahhh,” Lorde said.

She ended up doing much of the work on the album – Melodrama, out June 16, in collaborator Jack Antonoff’s New York apartment, which he shares with girlfriend and Girls star Lena Dunham.

Dunham has tweeted about bringing the two snacks while they were working on the album.

Weiner’s profile of Lorde made the front page of the New York Times Magazine.