1492048872453 - Tuning up for brass band championships

Tuning up for brass band championships

A test of music and skill has Lower Hutt brass bands busy cramming and rehearsing.

Rehearsals have stepped up for members of the Hutt City Brass Band ahead of their performance in the national championships on April 21 and 22.

The band will take to the stage in the Michael Fowler Centre at the National Brass Band Championships. They will be competing in the B grade.

Band member Rus Boyle said so far they were on track and were working on the technical aspects for the competition.

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“We’ve got most of the notes under the fingers as they say in brass band terms.”

Hutt City Brass Band will be one of 30 bands taking part in the competition which runs from April 19 to 23. More than 1000 musicians will descend on the capital, to take part either as a solo act or in an ensemble.

Conductor Mark Davey had been hard at work, talking everyone through what he wanted. When they take the stage  on April 21, the musicians will be playing  Everlasting Hope in the sacred piece category before tackling a technical test piece set by the judges.

  The next day they will show off their skills with their own choice of music, a piece called Trittico.

Playing in the Michael Fowler Centre provided some challenges for the musicians. “It’s pretty frightening. The acoustics in there – you feel as if you were on your own.”

In their normal practice room in Moera Park, you often couldn’t hear yourself play, Boyle said.

Recently they had been practicing in the Royal Air Force Band Rooms in Wigan St, Wellington,  for an idea of how to play with different acoustics.

The solo and ensemble events will be held at Te Whaea in Newtown, while the A and B grade events will be in the Michael Fowler Centre. C and D grades will be performing at the Opera House.

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