screen shot 20170427 at 12 840x480 - Tilda Swinton Introduces the Super Pig Project in This Eerie Teaser for Okja

Tilda Swinton Introduces the Super Pig Project in This Eerie Teaser for Okja

In Okja, Netflix’s upcoming monster movie centered on a young Korean girl, her massive genetically-modified pet pig, and the powerful corporation seeking to break them up, actress Tilda Swinton is returning to the world of director Bong Joon-Ho (Snowpiercer)—this time playing two characters. One of her roles in the film is Lucy Mirando, the CEO of said villainous corporation and the antagonist of the film. In a new clip released by Netflix, Swinton provides a most eerie, uncomfortable, and cryptic introduction to the world of Okja in character, as Lucy teases her “Super Pig Project.”

Titled “A Message From Lucy Mirando,” the video serves as a “relaunch” announcement of the corporation, in which the new mission can best be described via the line “Pigs deserve happy dreams, just like the rest of us.” With Okja, Joon-Ho appears to be returning to themes of animal welfare and the dangers of capitalism, and judging by this short tease, he may once again prove why he is one of the more stylistically innovative filmmakers around.

Netflix has been met with criticism that it’s burying its feature releases as it delves deeper into the world of original film distribution, but fortunately, it’s launching a pretty robust campaign for Okja: The film will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival next month before dropping on the streaming service on June 28. Until then, allow Swinton’s Mirando to thoroughly unsettle you in the video above, and read her accompanying “note,” via the press release, below.

Hello world,

I am honored today to announce the relaunch of the Mirando CorporationTM under the brand new leadership of me, Lucy Mirando!

I am exceptionally proud of our bold, new initiative, The Super Pig ProjectTM! 10 years in the making, these beautiful Super Pigs will be an awesome addition to the Mirando line of wholesome, organic foods you and your family enjoy every day.

If you would go and check out for yourself, nothing would delight me more.

If you have any questions, or just want to say, “HI LUCY!” reach out to me @lucymirando any time. I adore engaging.

Lucy Mirando