1492209632110 - Tickle Me Elmo without fur is downright creepy

Tickle Me Elmo without fur is downright creepy

Those of you who cherished Tickle Me Elmo as a child should really look away now.

Why? Because the Canada Science and Technology Museum has shared a video of the popular mid-1990s toy – minus the fur.  

And, there’s no way to sugar coat this – it’s somewhat terrifying. 

The clip was taken during a tinkering activity at the museum’s summer camp, based in Ottawa, which took apart toys to see how they work – and not even the Cookie Monster was spared.    



The post from the museum’s official Twitter account aimed to get people interested in dismantling and tinkering. It seems to have worked.

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Proving to be the stuff of nightmares, the reactions so far have illustrated how horrified people are at the sight of what can only be described as a Sesame Street-style Terminator.  



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