1493326930350 - The Irwin family got a makeover, but we can’t tell the difference

The Irwin family got a makeover, but we can’t tell the difference

Updating the look of someone who’s set in their ways is always a bit of a challenge, and even more so when there are business and sentimental reasons behind it. 

With that in mind, the celebrity stylist tasked with bringing Australia’s Irwin family into the 21st century had a tough job. 

The Daily Telegraph reports that during her time on Dancing With the Stars, Bindi Irwin was encouraged to see a stylist. 

The idea was to maintain the brand created by her late father Steve Irwin, but bring it up to date, the Telegraph reports. 

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“People told Bindi she had to have a more mature look, she was 18 and dressing like a little girl, she was pretty receptive from the get go,” a source told the paper. 

“It wasn’t only Bindi, the whole family were stuck back in the 90s, they had to be brought into the 21st century.”

The hair of youngest child, 14-year-old Robert, hair was a particular target.

“They could not wait to get at that hair, it looked like Terri cut it herself,” the source said. “He has been transformed the most, he looks like a cool young guy now.”

One issue: Robert’s new haircut is the only real difference pre and post makeover. 

The khaki outfits remain, Bindi and mum Terri look very much the same, and the overall Crocodile Hunter aesthetic is clear to see. 

Sure, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it, but then what did the stylists get paid for?

New Zealand stylist Jackie O’Fee said that given the chance, she wouldn’t ditch the khakis entirely, but might update the colour palette to include a bit of navy and grey. A cool bomber jacket would also work. 

“With the exception of Robert’s hair there’s not much difference! Are you sure it isn’t simply a celebrity hairstylist?” O’Fee asked. 

“I love Bindi’s blonde lights around her face, and the side-sweeping style is quite sexy. Suspect she’s a bit gorgeous out of that khaki uniform.”

O’Fee was also interested to see that Terri’s look hadn’t changed at all. 

“I have worked with clients (women in particular) who like the idea of a makeover but actually don’t cope with looking different,” she said. 

“I’d love to see Teri with a cool, layered just above the shoulder style – it’s still practical but would be really pretty and far more youthful on her.”