1492481435221 - The Bachelor NZ: ‘The Mol’ not deep and meaningful enough for Zac’s liking

The Bachelor NZ: ‘The Mol’ not deep and meaningful enough for Zac’s liking

Bachelorette Molly Littlejohn thinks Zac Franich let her go because she did not have the substance he was looking for.

The 24 year-old considers herself a bit too light-hearted for the serious Franich.

“You always felt like you had to be quite deep and meaningful with him which was not me, I like the jokes,” said Littlejohn, who compared Zac to a Jack Russell dog on account of his “little face”.

The pre-school teacher opened up to Franich on her single date,however, admitting she used to have a serious drinking problem.

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Littlejohn says the drinking got so serious she lost friends and ended up in hospital because of it. 

She said Franich was easy to talk to about the serious things.

“It wasn’t hard to open up to him at all. It was more just having to open up to, I guess, the whole of New Zealand as well,” said Littlejohn.

“I guess he is just one of those guys who is really easy to talk to.”

All that honesty was not enough to keep her in the competition though.

She was sent home the same episode, but said she respected Franich for not leading her on. 

“I think it is quite an honest and good thing to do, to be like, ‘this is not really working out’,” explained Littlejohn.

“It would have been a bit cruel to keep me hanging on if it was just not going anywhere, so I respect him for that.”

Despite not receiving a rose, Littlejohn has no regrets and thought the show showed her true personality.

Even criticism from the public cannot keep the bubbly Wellington girl down.

“People online have said that I am annoying and that I should stop referring to myself in the third person, which is a very bad habit of mine,” laughed Littlejohn.

“But it is just other people’s opinions and they don’t really matter to me.”

The self-professed pub-quiz master thought Franich was an awesome guy and wished him the best of luck with his search for love. 

She also thought Invercargill native, Hannah, would be the one to take out the competition.

“I think she has got a good chance because she is similar age, they have had their old sporting debacles in the past and I think they would be a great fit together,” said Littlejohn.

​The Bachelor NZ airs on Sunday at 7pm and Monday at 7.30pm on Three.