1491955522431 - Students get hands on learning about health and safety

Students get hands on learning about health and safety

It’s all fun and games for a group of Southland students learning the importance of health and safety in their community.

Students at Donovan Primary School showcased what they learnt about health and safety topics in an expo at the school on Wednesday.

Students at the school researched topics including road safety, train safety, cyber safety, dog safety, health and how to be sun smart.

Associate principal Brett Ryan said all 430 students researched the topics individually, in groups or in their classes, then presented their work how they wanted.

“There’s all sorts of different things … they are not all the same,” he said.

Computer presentations, posters, papier mache creations and cardboard structures filled the school hall for parents and grandparents to enjoy.

One boy made stickers to put inside children’s lunch boxes to educate them on bacteria and remind them to wash their hands, Ryan said.

Students conducted a survey on how many students washed their hands before eating and how many after the toilet, he said.

They also took swab samples of difference surfaces to watch the growth of bacteria.

A keyboard and school desk showed the most bacteria, Ryan said.

Student Portia Bean, 10, said she had a “really big” interest in germs after the project.

“We are trying to encourage, mainly the juniors, to try to encourage them to wash their hands,” she said.

She researched what brands of soaps were most effective and how to prevent the spread of germs, she said.

Meanwhile 24 junior students, in room 14, learnt about dog safety.

Students got messy creating dogs out of plastic cups, balloons, and four layers of papier mache.

Board of Trustees member Catherine O’Connor said the aim was to educate children how to act around dogs.

“We’ve just about got every avenue of safety here,” she said.

Student Kryzler Latchford​, 6, said she learnt how to approach dogs.

“You don’t just walk up to a dog that’s walking around,” she said.

For the aspiring artist, her favourite part was painting.

“I want to be an artist when I grow up.”