1491886710837 - Shopping centre stages Easter stations in 12 shop windows

Shopping centre stages Easter stations in 12 shop windows

An Easter treasure hunt is being stuck to the shop windows of Milford’s main street on Auckland’s North Shore. However, instead of finding eggs, seekers find paintings.

Milford Art Walk sees 12 shop windows on Kitchener Rd, beginning at Milford Mini Mart and ending at the Cheese Room, become the 12 stations of the cross.

Each part of the story is depicted through a hand-chosen selection of world-famous paintings.

Organiser Peter McNee said he came up with this idea as a way to share the Easter story with the community.

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“Because Easter is not about eggs and bunnies,” McNee said. Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper is the first station of the story, which continues on to cover Jesus’ betrayal and ends with his crucifixion.

The diverse collection of paintings was selected from artists from all over the world, including a German, a New Zealand, and a Chinese painter.

Each painting is labelled with its name, painter, biblical reference and a thought for reflection.

McNee said Salvador Dali’s, Christ of Saint John of the Cross, 1951, is the most expensive painting on the list, the original that hangs in a Glasgow art gallery is worth 50 million pounds.

I had to get permission and pay for the right to hang just a copy in Unichem pharmacy, he said.

Craftworkz is number nine in the story, displaying Danish painter Carl Heinrich Bloch’s The Burial of Jesus.

As a business newly moved to the area, owner Nina Crawford said the art walk was a good way to get involved in the community. 

Paintings are on display until April 16. 

Milford Baptist Church, is open every day for silent prayer and reflection.