1493767092722 - Sculptureum brings ‘Disneyland for art’ to Matakana

Sculptureum brings ‘Disneyland for art’ to Matakana

A magical project that has taken more than a decade to complete will make you say “wow” as you enter the estate gates.

Only a few minute’s drive from Matakana lies Sculptureum, the place where you can discover art-filled gardens, animals and galleries, alongside a vineyard, function centre and restaurant like no other.

On April 28, the 25 acres of what feels like a magical land, opened to the public.

Auckland- based lawyers and owners, Anthony and Sandra Grant, have worked on creating the space to amuse, inspire and stimulate people, and make their lives a little more interesting, for the past 12 years.

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“It is a great place, a place of what I call art entertainment where you simply cannot find anywhere else,” Anthony said.

The idea of making this attraction first came to mind when Anthony found an interest in coloured glass, and he became so invested that he had to put some of his art in storage.

“I had so much of it that I wanted to make a commercial project out of it. I like to collect what I like, and show people. People love it.”

Anthony said it takes around two and a half hours to go through and look at everything.

“I find people are usually disillusioned by what they find in conventional art galleries. I hardly see people smile or say anything when they go through them, they just look and move on.

“To me that is sad because there is so much interesting art around that people should see and feel ecstatic about.”

Anthony said there is no easy way to describe Sculptureum.

“It is a bit like Disneyland for art, and is a fun and exciting place to go.”

Sculptureum has six galleries on display with art from some of the world’s best artists.

It has more than 150 exhibits, and more than 400 works fill The Garden of Creative Diversity, The Palm Garden and The Pink Snail Garden.

Along with designing the place out of enjoyment, Anthony designed the gardens to intellectually stimulate people’s minds.

He has added a number of reflection spaces throughout the gardens based on inspiration, wisdom, art and music.

The winding paths lead to a variety of interesting and colourful pieces of work, you may even come across some real animals.

Sculptureum is located at 40 Omaha Flats Road, Matakana.

The gardens and galleries are open from Thursday through Monday, from 9 to 3pm.

Visit sculptureum.nz for more information