1492484627294 - Screen-printer’s take on emotional baggage

Screen-printer’s take on emotional baggage

Artist Toni Mosley has been fixated with people’s baggage for years.

Not quite the type found in the airport customs hall though, as Mosley is more interested in the emotional baggage people carry.

The Pakuranga printmaker has created a new exhibition at Newmarket’s Railway Street Studios that showcases different kinds of emotional events with a positive approach.

“Baggage gets a really bad rep. It always seems negative, but we actually have some awesome baggage,” she says.

“When you remembered when you were 10 and you laughed so hard that you couldn’t breathe. Those are happy memories, but it’s still our baggage – the joys in our life.”

Two years ago, Mosley held a competition at her exhibition So You Think You’ve Got Baggage? where people wrote down what their baggage was.

Using their stories she’s created a new show called Unpacked in which all her artwork is screen-printed.

Mosley says although screen-print usually has dark, block colours, she prefers a different, more subtle approach using lighter colours such as pink and lavender.

She says that she likes to keep a lighter side to her work and explains one of her pieces.

“It’s a conversation between myself and my audience. It’s my interpretation.

“I have a piece where a suitcase is filled with a bird’s nest because a lot of people talk about family as their baggage, but it’s another light way.”

Unpacked displays until April 25 at the Railway Street Studios, Newmarket.