1492976432688 - Schools on Auckland’s North Shore celebrate achievements

Schools on Auckland’s North Shore celebrate achievements

Schools on Auckland’s North Shore are celebrating their NCEA results with several attributing them to hard-working teachers.

Results were released mid-April and the North Shore Times has looked at results for all high schools on the Shore apart from Pinehurst School and City Impact Church School which both teach Cambridge.

Kristin School in Albany achieved the highest pass rates at NCEA level 1 and 2 with a 99 per cent and 100 percent pass rate respectively while the highest pass rate at level 3 went to Rosmini College with 96 per cent.

Decile 9 school Carmel College brought in the highest number of excellence endorsements across all levels with 54 per cent of level 1 students receiving excellence endorsements, 57 per cent of level 2 students and 38 per cent at level 3.

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The highest number of excellence endorsements behind Carmel College was Takapuna Grammar with 35 per cent at level 1 and 32 at level 2, then Rangitoto and Rosmini colleges with 19 per cent at level 3.

Carmel College principal Chris Allen attributed pass rates to “professional and dedicated staff”.

“They do give up a lot of extra time and effort to give these kids the extra tuition they want,” Allen said.

“We’ve had a culture of high achievement at Carmel for years and it seems to be getting better and better. The students really want to do well.”

Allen said students were also awarded a total of $450,000 worth of scholarships in 2016.

She said there was always room for improvement and the school will look to maintain their current results.

Rosmini College principal Nixon Cooper also attributes low failure rates to teachers putting in time with students who were identified as “at-risk” early in the year, as part of a mentoring programme.

He said as the school is on the smaller side, with 750 students in the secondary school, it’s also easier to get to know students. He said the focus for the 2017 results is to raise the number of endorsements.

Kristin School’s director of marketing Mark Reynolds said the students’ results were a “testament to the diligence and enthusiasm” of both students and teachers.

Kristin runs a dual academic pathway meaning students can choose to pursue an International Baccalaureate in their final two years and Reynolds said roughly half do.

Glenfield College showed a marked improvement in results from 2015 to 2016 with the addition of new principal CJ Healey in April last year.

Between 2015 and 2016, pass rates jumped from 83 to 93 per cent at level 1, 81 to 95 per cent at level 2 and 69 to 94 per cent at level 3.

Despite boasting a 90.4 per cent pass rate at level 2, Albany Senior High School ranked second to last in terms of achievement at that level in decile 10 schools around the nation.

Likewise, Westlake Boys High School had the fourth lowest achievement at level 2 in decile nine schools around the country but still had an 88.3 per cent pass rate.

Only half of the students studying level 1 at Northcote’s Hato Petera College passed, but this improved at level 2 with 73 per cent achieving and 18 percent receiving merit endorsements. At level 3, 83 per cent of students passed.

Most of the schools on Auckland’s North Shore are classified as decile 9 and 10, with the exception of Hato Petera at decile three, Glenfield and Birkenhead colleges at decile six and Northcote College at decile seven.

To look at and compare achievement of schools around the nation, see stuff.co.nz’s School Report.