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Review: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

REVIEW: From theatre greats Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is a contemporary take on the biblical story of Joseph.

Despite its ancient origins, this show is truly with the times featuring a hipster hoverboard-riding angel and even took a cheeky jab at President Trump.

The South African cast truly burst on to the stage with the first song Jacob and Sons and continued to dazzle with their energy and excitement throughout the night.

The true star of the night, in my opinion, was the mononymous Nadine, who played The Narrator.

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Nadine commanded the stage and the attention of the audience with her beautifully powerful voice and playful manner. 

An honourable mention needs to go to Jonathan Roxmouth who played the delightful Pharaoh.

The Elvis Presley inspired character had the audience clapping and cheering with his funny quips and slick moves. 

It would be fair to say the entire cast was made up of incredibly talented triple-threats with youth on their side.

There were abs for Africa, flawless dance moves and a real showcase of gifted singers.

Despite a strong start, however, there were a few noticeable hiccups in the first act that I could not overlook.

There were a few instances when a microphone came into contact with something and made a loud scratching noise.

Aside from that my biggest issue was trying to understand what the cast were singing at the beginning of the show.

As I had never seen the musical before, I went in to this show with no prior knowledge of what the story was about.

The fact I could not clearly hear the words the actors were singing became a problem as I struggled to put the pieces of the story together.

However these small hiccups did not take away from the slick production that I thoroughly enjoyed. 

The enunciation improved significantly in second act and the cast had a renewed energy that was evident. 

As the show drew to a close it was clear all that had come had enjoyed their night whether they were eight years old or 80.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat:
Auckland: The Civic,  April 15 – 30
Christchurch: Isaac Theatre Royal, May 4 – 14
Wellington: Opera House, May 17 – 21

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