1493611354907 - Relief that asbestos removed from West Auckland school before start of term

Relief that asbestos removed from West Auckland school before start of term

An asbestos removal headache for a West Auckland school is now over.

The contentious removal, which caused parent protest and saw around 50 children absent from school for a day, has been completed with no incidents during the school-holiday period.

Hobsonville School parents were informed by the Ministry of Education that removal contractors GreenWay Limited were “confident” that all the contaminated soil had been removed from the site as of April 28.

The letter explained all air monitoring results to date had shown “negligible change in fibre counts”, with results well within the safety limits.

School board chairman Lance Norman said all children showed up for school on Monday. 

He said he was also “completely relieved” the work had been able to be completed during the holiday period. 

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Parent Lea Ann Case, who spoke out about the work going ahead in school hours, said she was “very, very happy” the removal was complete and there had been a “big sigh of relief” through her household.

However, Case said she was disappointed that communication during the removal period was not more frequent. 

Assurances were given at a meeting on April 5 with the school, Ministry of Education and removal contractor that communication would be a priority. 

Soil samples have been taken for testing and results are expected within seven days. 

Safety measures have been left in place until that time. 

A toilet block containing asbestos was also removed during the holiday period. 

Asbestos was discovered at a pre-site inspection for a ministry-led project for a new drop-off zone in October last year.

Once the samples are cleared, construction on the drop-off will resume.

The new zone is expected to be completed around the end of June.