1492663178193 - Opinion: I watched all of Married at First Sight. I hated it. Here’s why.

Opinion: I watched all of Married at First Sight. I hated it. Here’s why.

OPINION: It is no secret I am no fan of Married at First Sight Australia.

Every time I tuned in to watch the show I felt like a little piece of me died inside.

I have watched previous seasons of the show and actually enjoyed it but the choice to ‘super-size’ the show this season was a bad one.

In my last re-cap I reiterated that by saying it wasn’t so much the concept of the show that bothered me but the train-wreck it had turned into. 

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I hated watching normal everyday people turn into absolute monsters and all for what? 

To get more Instagram followers? To get asked to appear on Dancing with the Stars?

I don’t think five minutes of fame is worth a lifetime of being that idiot that made an absolute fool of themselves on national television.

These days, meeting people can be hard and I can understand the urge to exhaust every avenue.

The concept of an expert matching you with someone based on science seems an opportunity too good to pass up.

I am only young. At 22, I haven’t reached a point where I have had the need to start thinking about forever. But some day I would like to get married and I hope it is forever.

Some people want their $50,000 fairytale moment. Some would rather have a small intimate gathering costing no more than $1000 and that is fine.

However for me marriage is special and not something to be taken lightly in any sense.

I felt Married at First Sight trivialised marriage as a means to an end and took away the true commitment it should represent. 

It should be a declaration of love, not just a point of interest to get eyes in front of screens.

But Dating at First Sight wouldn’t have the same ring to it that Married at First Sight does. And who would tune into to watch that?

I’m not stupid: I know how over-produced reality television can be despite producers insisting it all happens ‘naturally’.

But there has to come a point where the producing stops and the person continues on their own accord.

I would like to think if a producer asked me to say nasty things about someone on camera, I would have the dignity to say no.

But I can understand that being on television could be so overwhelming you might end up doing something stupid.

What we ended up seeing was essentially a huge loss of morals and some truly despicable behaviour.

I feel I can say confidently that the people that came across best on the show were those who didn’t engage in the pettiness.

Those such as Susan, Sean, Simon and Alene, who were on the show to genuinely find love, demonstrated that with their reluctance to get involved in group tiffs.

However the likes of Andrew and Anthony relished any opportunity to ‘speak their mind’. There were countless times where the pair came across as absolute idiots … and none where they looked like good guys.

I don’t feel ashamed for calling them out on it either.

In previous seasons, there were still fights but the difference was that they were kept between the individual couples.

Every match went on their own journey without the others interfering and I think that is where the problem stems from this season.

Watching couples navigate their way through their problems in the past seasons was relatable. 

Every relationship has its flaws and that was what made the show interesting.

But ‘super-sizing’ the show this season saw all the couples interact on almost too much.

Whether this caused jealousy and resentment, I’m not really sure.

I do know is that the group dynamic turned the show into a sort of Big Brother on steroids.

It caused individuals to get involved in other couple’s relationships where they truly were not wanted or needed.

I do not like people that meddle nor do I like people that are nasty to others and I assume that is where my distain for this show comes from. 

I know drama is a key element for any sort of reality TV show but I think this season of Married at First Sight took it too far.

To say I have lost faith in love and marriage wouldn’t be true.

I do believe in love and the ability for this experiment to be successful: Simon and Alene are the perfect example.

But I’ve no faith in reality TV producers who seem to think we want to watch ordinary people turn into monsters.

This show has taken marriage and turned it into a joke.

Nothing about the experiment being successful truly relied on the people getting ‘married’.

​It’s just part of a production that brings in ratings and makes the network money.