1491938108866 - Native Affairs reveal DNA test of full-blooded Maori woman

Native Affairs reveal DNA test of full-blooded Maori woman

A DNA test has found a “full-blooded” Maori woman living in New Zealand with four children. 

Oriini​ Kaipara, a journalist with Maori TV and the presenter of Native Affairs, was revealed in her show as being 98 per cent Maori, or Polynesian. 

In Tuesday night’s episode DNA specialist Brad Argent revealed her genetic makeup, which included 1 per cent Scandinavian origins, and 1 per cent Caucasus – the region at the border of Europe and Asia​.

Kaipara did not know any ancestors from those areas, and Argent said the two per cent was likely to be “noise” – meaning she has 100 per cent Maori DNA.

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However, Kaipara, 33, confessed to knowing she had two Pakeha ancestors in her family tree.  

“I know my whakapapa. I have two English tupuna – one on Mum’s side, and one on Dad’s,” said Kaipara.

Argent said over time the genetic material that is passed down to a person can by “diluted away”. 

“In your case … it’s led to you being 100 per cent Maori,” Argent said.

“Your brothers and sisters might be different, your parents might be different.

“In broad terms, in the world, we’re all becoming a little more mixed it’s quite unusual to find anyone pure just one thing.

“Most of us are a mixed bag of everything, and so in some ways you’re [Kaipara] kind of unique.”

Argent, who is a specialist with ancestry.com pointed out that DNA is just “one tiny part of what makes us who we are”. 

“We are shaped by the stories of our ancestors, and not necessarily by our genes,” he said.