1492475464770 - My Kitchen Rules 2017: Josh and Amy are out after lacklustre ‘walk out’

My Kitchen Rules 2017: Josh and Amy are out after lacklustre ‘walk out’

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for My Kitchen Rules.

Villains Josh and Amy have been sent packing after their constant bickering anchored them to the bottom of the My Kitchen Rules leaderboard. 

Producers will be breathing a sigh of relief now there’s zero chance they’ll have to awkwardly hand over the $250,000 prize to the self-proclaimed seafood king. In recent weeks, Josh has aimed his machine-gun snark away from his fellow contestants and towards the show itself, accusing the crew of selective editing and delaying his exit for the ratings.

Viewers saw the seafood king’s demise coming a (nautical) mile away. It’s the law of reality television that if a contestant brags about how they’re going to ace the competition, they’re actually going to crash and burn. 

And that’s exactly what happened. 

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“There’s no way we’re going to be on the bottom of the leaderboard at the end of all this,” Josh tells Amy after explaining he wants a score of 86 out of 100. “I’ve had enough of arguing with you, I just wanna have a lot of fun. You’re gunna be head chef – I’m just gunna listen.” 

But those words prove fatal. As soon as Josh starts prepping the main (blue swimmer crab with citrus spinach salad), he and Amy start bickering like there’s no tomorrow. Josh wants to pour every single bottle of white wine within a 200km radius into the marinade, while Amy wants just two bottles tipped in. 

So what does Josh do? Pour every single bottle of white wine into the marinating bucket.

When it comes to the herbs, Amy reminds him to leave some coriander for the second main. So what does Josh do? Use all of the coriander, of course. 

Things come to a head while the pair plate up their entree. 

“Stop barking orders at me,” Amy snaps. 

“We’re gunna need to be divorced after this,” Josh fires back. 

The heated tit-for-tatt comes across on the plate, with both Pete and Manu unimpressed with the entrees. It’s exactly the same for their main dishes, with the pork belly adobo with coriander rice lacking – yep, you guessed it – coriander. 

“I’ve had enough of arguing with you, I just wanna have a lot of fun,” says Josh.

“There’s no need, no need in the world to be marinating crab in a white wine solution,” Manu tells them. “The acidity of the wine killed the meat of the crab before you even cooked it. If you, Josh … were sitting here tonight, you would take this apart.” 

Back in the kitchen, Amy is barely holding it together. And Josh’s lack of empathy isn’t helping, either. 

“Don’t be a d—,” Amy says after he scolds her for crying. Then, the highly-anticipated walk out. 

“Babe don’t worry about it,” Josh says, chasing after her. “We can make it work, trust me.”

Eventually, Amy calms down and says she wishes Josh would just pull his head in sometimes. While their outburst does rattle the guests – with Duncan commenting that the drama has sucked “all the energy out of the room” – it’s far from the dramatic ‘break-up’ that Channel 7 promised in its promos a few weeks back.

The Broome couple’s hopes of finishing on a high are dashed when their sugar glaze on the crem de catalana doesn’t turn into the hard, brown layer they hoped for. Meanwhile, Amy puts too much amarelle in her alcoholic milkshake. Drowning her miseries, perhaps?

After the carnage of the night is over, Josh and Amy finish on a miserable score of 31, meaning they are eliminated on the spot. 

That means the eight teams heading into the MKR finals are Tim and Kyle, Valarie and Courtney, Court and Duncan, Amy and Tyson, Della and Tully, Mark and Chris, David and Betty and Karen and Ros.