1493693310751 - Mikey Havoc returns to his first radio station, bFM

Mikey Havoc returns to his first radio station, bFM

The first time Mikey Havoc presented the breakfast show on Auckland’s 95 bFM station, it launched his broadcasting career and led to his own television show.

The second time he presented the show, he replaced Wallace Chapman and angry listeners called up to abuse him while others signed a petition to keep Chapman on.

And the third time, well, that starts next week. Havoc will return to the station from 7am on Monday morning.

This time Havoc, whose real name is Michael Roberts, walks into the place of Hannah Renwick, a University of Auckland BA student who has been in the job for less than a year.

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bFM employs 13 staff, but is run by a cast of volunteers. Havoc will be one of those on the small payroll.

He started at the station in the early 90s, moving on to present the breakfast show from 1996 to 2002. 

His second and highly controversial stint at the station started in 2006. Havoc left again in 2010, a few years later he moved to mainstream rock station Radio Hauraki.

bFM station manager  Hugh Sundae, a former breakfast host himself who replaced Havoc in 2010, said the move would hopefully help fund the station into the future.

Sundae also said he hoped Havoc would play a role in training new talent at the station. Its origins were in student broadcasting, starting out as the University of Auckland’s student radio station. bFM remained located in the Student Union Building.

“For fresh talent to thrive they need to learn from the best. Mikey is the essence of independent broadcasting who challenges everyone he works with to be brave and take risks,” he said.

Havoc could not be reached for comment.