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Michael Moore Is Coming to Broadway With The Terms of My Surrender

Michael Moore is coming to Broadway.

Moore announced this morning that his one-man show, The Terms of My Surrender, will begin previews at the Belasco Theatre on July 28, with an opening date set for August 10. The 12-week run of the show, directed by Michael Mayer with sets by David Rockwell—Tony winners both—was described by Moore to the New York Times as “a humorous play about a country that’s just elected a madman.” During a press conference atSardi’s, Moore stood next to a poster that put the production’s aims more bluntly: “Can a Broadaway show bring down a sitting president?”

Although Moore is still nominally a documentarian, it’s become increasingly clear that his favorite subject is himself, and the format of the one-man show, which he says will be constantly reworked and improvised, allows him to respond to current events in near-real time, rather than after an editing process that can take anywhere from months to years. Moore attempted something similar last fall with Michael Moore in Trumpland, a filmed version of one of his live appearances that went from stage to streaming in only 11 days. Tickets for The Terms of My Surrender are not yet on sale, but Broadway prices being what they are, it shouldn’t take long for Moore’s show to eclipse Trumpland’s $150,000 at the box office. Now for Moore to work on his soft-shoe.