1491986185895 - Married at First Sight: Can the couples do ‘long-distant’?

Married at First Sight: Can the couples do ‘long-distant’?

Tonight there is another episode of Married at First Sight, I am not sure why but alas it is happening.

The only reason I am watching is out of curiosity, what more could this show possibly explore?

Eight weeks and I feel like I know this show like the back of my hand and that scares me.

“Over the next two nights we find out how our couples are coping with life outside the experiment,” the voice-over announces.

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Now is the time that they all, as individuals, return to their every day lives just with a bunch of cameras still in tow. 

For those who chose to stay together, they must figure out how they can make “long-distant” as Alene’s friend Amanda likes to call it, work.

Simon and Alene​

​I am happy to report all is well on the Salene front.

​Simon and Alene have chosen to take a trip away to the Gold Coast to spend more time together.

God bless this sweet union, she is the yin to his yang.

The pair have even worked out their travel plans to visit each other every weekend.

However the weekdays are hard for Simon, “I do miss Alene, I haven’t been in sync with someone like this for so long,” he says. 

But if anyone can make this ‘experiment’ work, it is them.

Sharon and Nick

Turns out Sharon really misses Nick, and Melbourne to Perth is proving a stretch.

According to Google Maps, a one-way flight between the cities is four hours and five minutes or alternatively a 36-hour drive.

Well it would be a big nope from me on both of those counts.

It would be quicker to fly from Auckland to Sydney and still I’m not really sold.

Nick was going to move to Perth but then he is hit with the devastating news his dad has just been diagnosed with motor-neuron disease.

“My dad is like my best mate. We love each other and we look after each other,” he said.

“I guess moving to Perth with Sharon, that’s not going to happen.”

Sharon is understanding of Nick’s situation and is considering the possibility of moving to Melbourne under the circumstances.

For a couple I thought would crash and burn almost immediately they seem to be doing well.

Michelle and Jesse

For some strange reason, the show chose to include Michelle and Jesse despite things ending between the two.

Jesse is still heartbroken after Michelle left him standing on the beach alone.

But if there is going to be anyone that is going to make it all better, it is Jesse’s dad. 

“Well Jesse between you and me I’m happy you didn’t connect because I would have lost you. She wouldn’t have come back to Adelaide,” said Stefan.

Although I think it is a bit selfish of Stefan to hold back his 30-something son, the sentiment was there. 

As for Michelle, she isn’t going to be wasting anymore time.

“Now I’m back on the Perth scene single and I just have to find someone with that spark,” said Michelle, who apparently can’t wait five minutes before moving on. 

Well I hope Jesse doesn’t watch this episode… poor guy. Talk about adding insult to injury.

Vanessa and Andy

I was honestly left gobsmacked when Vanessa decided to stay with Andy, despite spending 97 per cent of her time complaining about him.

Vanessa tells the camera that she is stuck in Melbourne for uni and Andy is stuck on the Gold Coast for undisclosed reasons.

Again, it baffles me why they chose to stay together if neither of them could possibly move. 

Andy apparently misses Vanessa and is filling the hole in his heart with exercise, as you do.

Vanessa is just enjoying the time alone until she finds out what Andy has booked a trip to Mt Everest without telling her.

I know Vanessa can over-react but if my ‘husband’ booked a holiday without me I would be pretty upset too.

Andy explains he has “things” he has to do and that he will consider their relationship four months down the track after he does these ‘things’.

Sorry Andy did I hear you correctly?

Turns out I did and now I can see where all of Vanessa’s frustration comes from. 

Susan and Sean

Sean is still upset from the outcome of his commitment ceremony where Susan chose to walk away.

Despite ending things we are still hearing how the Susan and Sean’s lifestyles just got in the way.

If there was ever a perfect example of flogging a dead horse this is it.

But wait, Susan said she has had second thoughts!

This is getting ridiculous, but I checked out over caring a long time ago. 

Susan explains that one day it could be happily ever after.

One day, but just not now. So she is going to leave that thought in Sean’s mind so he won’t be able to move on.

Anthony and Nadia

Nadia surprisingly misses Anthony and the way he makes her feel safe and secure.

Anthony on the other hand is sort of glad to not be with her. Classic.

Despite continually saying she will not move for love, Nadia’s lease expiring has made her consider moving closer to Anthony.

I have honestly lost all faith in Nadia, I know love makes you do crazy things, but please don’t move for Anthony.

Apparently Anthony’s a great actor because after fawning over Nadia at the commitment ceremony, he has done a complete one-eighty.

“At this stage, I’m really not sure if Nadia and I will make it last long term,” says Anthony.

You what Anthony? Wasn’t that what the whole renewal of vows was about?

Nadia needs to be reassured Anthony wants her in Sydney so she has booked a ticket to go and see him in person.

“We have got to a point where it is good but it is not great” admits Anthony to the camera as Nadia pulls up outside his apartment. 

I hope Anthony is worth the ticket fare Nadia.

Watch this space…

Married at First Sight Australia airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 7.30 on Three