1492051747777 - Leading dancers deliver first eastside showcase

Leading dancers deliver first eastside showcase

Skilled dancers of The New Zealand Dance Company (NZDC) will deliver an accomplished performance in Howick on April 21.

Their dance programme entitled The Adventures of Xin is presented through a variety of dance pieces and linking works, with the aim to inspire and encourage laughter from the audience.

Combining humour and sophisticated contemporary dance techniques gives viewers an appreciation of the impressive life of young man Xin Ji, a dancer and choreographer at NZDC, who will take part in the show.

It will also feature students of the company’s youth engagement programme autumn school, which runs until April 21 at Uxbridge Arts and Culture centre.

“Each piece in it has its own unique feeling and angle, so there’s really something in it for everybody,” Ji says.

It’s the first time the group stages a full-length performance in East Auckland, and they’re excited about reaching a new audience.

“We thought that instead of making people come to us, we would bring dance to them, right into their own neighbourhood,” Ji says.

“The best thing about dance is that it transcends language and cultures. It’s something we can use to connect to other people without the need for words.”

The hour-long performance is from 6pm on Friday, April 21, at the Uxbridge Theatre, 25 Uxbridge Road, Howick. For more information, phone 09 535 6467 or see uxbridge.co.nz.