1491717573462 - Kiwi impersonator out to Trump worldwide opposition in Los Angeles

Kiwi impersonator out to Trump worldwide opposition in Los Angeles

It’s gonna be huuuge, OK?

At least, that’s how the future’s looking for Wellington comedian Alexander Sparrow.

The 24-year-old’s career has gone from strength to strength, all thanks to his impersonation of American president Donald Trump.

He’s recently been selected as one of the world’s top Trump impersonators by US comedy club chain Laugh Factory, and will fly to Los Angeles on April 25 to battle it out against nine others for the title of King of the Trumps.

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The winner will host Laugh Factory’s online show, Fake News/Real News, and headline at all of the Laugh Factory Clubs around the United States. 

Sparrow said he almost didn’t enter the competition.

“I only found out about it at the last minute, with about half an hour left before deadline,” he said.

“We had to submit a video and I ended up submitting mine late. When I got the email saying I was through it was amazing.”

The competition has a distinctly international flavour. Sparrow’s competitors will come from places including Dubai, Great Britain, Canada and South Korea. One is even from Iran.

Sparrow said he’d been doing his impersonation since before Trump was the Republican presidential nominee, let alone the president.

“The challenge with impersonating him is two-fold,” he said.

“On the one hand there’s the visual aspect, of course, but there’s also the matter of trying to out-do what he says.

“Nobody really wants to go to a show only to see what you could just check out on YouTube. You have to take it a step further.”

Outdoing Donald Trump sounds daunting, but Sparrow has carried out the task with aplomb. By his reckoning, he’s now Australasia’s top Trump impersonator.

Last year he created The President, a comedic play based on the Commander-in-Chief. It toured New Zealand and received rave reviews.

Sparrow said playing The Donald wasn’t as difficult as people sometimes imagined.

“He’s an established character already, so you can get started immediately without having to do too much setting up,” he said.

“Audiences love it. You can say things that would bomb if they came from anyone else, but because it’s Trump people eat it up.”