1492398265623 - Kiwi artist Dick Frizzell donates artwork for Red Cross Marlborough fundraiser

Kiwi artist Dick Frizzell donates artwork for Red Cross Marlborough fundraiser

When a disaster hits New Zealand, generosity follows.

From concerts to fundraising pages, everyone helps in their own way, including famous Kiwi artist Dick Frizzell.

Frizzell has joined with the Red Cross to donate a selection of prints for their November Earthquake Appeal.

One of the signed prints is coming to Marlborough and will be ready for auction at a fundraising dinner next month.

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Red Cross Marlborough branch vice president Margaret Gauden-Ing said it was exciting to offer the artwork at the fundraiser, with the donation likely to be a highlight.

“It’s just wonderful, it’s very generous,” she says.

“The lining is precise, and it offers a theme and message that is very relevant to Kaikoura.

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“It would look really good in a kitchen or a commercial place.”

The print, titled 7 Mins, is an adapted version of one of Dick’s previous artworks which instructs to cook crayfish for “seven minutes like a saveloy”.

The Kaikoura edition of the artwork relates to the hundreds of crayfish which were served by the local marae to the people affected by the quakes. 

“The concept of the special Kaikoura edition seemed like a natural fit,” Dick says.

“With the image of the crayfish and the mention of saveloy, I was able to mash two Kiwi icons together in the one image. I knew it was special the minute I came up with it.

“If people get excited about the work and bid hard for it, it’s a win-win for everybody. Kaikoura, Red Cross and the buyer.”

More than 100 Red Cross response volunteers assisted immediately in the earthquake and helped deliver food parcels and blankets to thousands of people in November.

The organisation is providing grants for people with damaged homes and is fundraising to do it.

The Marlborough event will be held at Bamboo Garden Restaurant, in Blenheim, on May 9.

For more information, contact the Red Cross Marlborough on 03 578 6134.