1493352928082 - Heineken ad Worlds Apart from Pepsi shambles

Heineken ad Worlds Apart from Pepsi shambles

Heineken have discovered the best way for two people to resolve their extreme political differences: just add beer. 

The beer company’s latest advert shows people coming together despite their extreme opposing views on topical matters such as feminism, global warming and transgender rights, while imbibing alcohol. 

In the advert, the pairs are unaware that they hold opposing views, until they have completed team-building exercises together. After completing the exercises the duo come together and are shown video showcasing their different viewpoints. 

They are then invited to take a seat and discuss their points over a bottle of beer, which is when they begin to understand and accept each other’s opinions.

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The advert uses as an example a man who had originally described feminism as “man-hating” finally telling his opposite to “smash the patriarchy”. Another pair have differing views on Transpeople. A third duo teams a climate change denier with a climate change activist. 

The ad is being applauded for its simple and tasteful approach in contrast with Pepsi’s #BlackLivesMatter ad. 

Pepsi’s ad starring Kendall Jenner was pulled after it was mocked and criticised for appearing to trivialise legitimate social justice protests.

The faux-protest ad showed Kendall Jenner stepping away from a modelling shoot to join a crowd of smiling, young protesters. The protesters cheered after Jenner handed a can of Pepsi to a police officer, who took a sip.

Unlike Pepsi, the Heineken ad showed every-day people discussing issues that they face rather than using celebrity power.