1492644365585 - Hamilton singer’s love of lyrics lights her way to centre stage

Hamilton singer’s love of lyrics lights her way to centre stage

Jayde Petaera admits she is a “semi-perfectionist” when it comes to songwriting.

One of her songs took three years to finish.

But her stubbornness paid off when she won the 2016 Lyric Love competition run by Hamilton’s Nivara Lounge.

Lyric Love calls on singers and songwriters from around the city to perform original songs in front of a live audience.

The inaugural competition was Petaera’s first time singing her songs in public, and she said the venue was the perfect spot for it.

Nivara Lounge is a basement performing venue in Victoria St and is run by Ivan Muir.

It caters for local and touring artists and Petaera said the reaction of the crowd was really supportive.

“Everyone down there is an underground or emerging artist. I was pretty overwhelmed.

“The people that I competed with… I was really humbled by what they had to say.”

Petaera, 25, has been writing songs since she was 14-years-old. Her lyrics detail life events, good relationships and bad break ups.

She throws in some “spice” and a couple of “naughty words”, she said, and there’s no routine when thinking of themes.

Petaera has come up with lyrics while washing the dishes. She wrote the song Do You Know Now after having a few drinks.

She would categorise her genre as soul-pop, and credits Kurt Kobain, Amy Winehouse, Jimmy Barnes and Elvis as a few of her influences.

“I always listen to lyrics first. Which is a shame sometimes, I can really like the tune but the lyrics suck.”

Petaera has lived in Hamilton for two years and is currently studying at Wintec.

The first heat for Lyric Love will be held on Thursday and although Petaera may be looking to reclaim the title, she offers some advice to newcomers.

“If you feel that (the song) is good and your being honest with yourself and giving the music what it needs, that’s all you need to care about.

“Be as edgy as possible. Be unique,” she said. “And don’t be afraid to swear.”