Gerry Adams wants the Dáil recalled, criminal investigation launched over Garda Tony Golden’s death

An RTÉ Investigates programme broadcast last night calls into question whether the man who shot Garda Golden was in fact a Garda informer.

Crevan Mackin

SINN FÉIN LEADER Gerry Adams has called for the Dáil to be recalled and a criminal investigation instigated in the wake of the screening of an RTÉ Investigates programme concerning the killing of Garda Tony Golden in Louth in October 2015.

The programme, which was broadcast last night, calls into question whether the man who shot Garda Golden and Siobhán Phillips, Crevan Mackin, was in fact a Garda informer.

24-year-old Mackin had admitted to possessing guns to gardaí just nine months before he shot dead Garda Tony Golden in Omeath on 11 October, 2015.

However, he was not charged with firearms offences despite those admissions.

After shooting Garda Golden and Phillips, his partner, Mackin took his own life.

Adams, who represents the Louth constituency in which the shootings took place, says they “raise serious and fundamental questions about the role of elements of An Garda Síochána in the circumstances surrounding his (Mackin’s) arrest in January 2015 and the events in Omeath in October of that year”.

“The evidence would indicate that Crevan Mackin was working as a Garda agent at the time of his arrest in January 2015 or subsequent to it,” said Adams.

As a result the Gardaí did not charge him with firearms and explosives offences which he admitted to during his questioning in Dundalk Garda station. Subsequently his bail was significantly reduced and he was released from Portlaoise Prison.

Garda Tony Golden

“Answers must also be provided as to why Gardaí, at both Dundalk and Carlingford stations, refused to register a complaint or to take a statement from Siobhan Phillips when she was visibly scarred, slashed and frightened for her life as a result of serious abuse by Mackin. Her parents, who accompanied her, were also fearful for their daughter’s safety and indeed for their own lives,” he added.

The Sinn Féin leader claims he has “never received any indication that the government was taking this matter seriously”.

“I have previously written to Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald on eight occasions, to the Taoiseach four times, and to GSOC three times, to express my grave concerns regarding this case,” he said.

The responses of both the Taoiseach and Minister for Justice have been unsatisfactory.

He has called for, if necessary, a criminal investigation and “possibly charges” into the circumstances of Mackin’s “arrest, questioning, charging and relationship with An Garda Síochána”.

“Those responsible must be held accountable. The Taoiseach must now recall the Dáil for next week so that the Minister for Justice can make a full statement and take questions on this very serious matter,” Adams added.