1493689343964 - George Clarke follows young couple’s tiny house build in Raglan

George Clarke follows young couple’s tiny house build in Raglan

Amazing Spaces‘ George Clarke takes a starring role in a new mini-series that follows a young Kiwi couple building a tiny house in Raglan.

The Mitre 10 Tiny House series, launched online today, follows firefighter Jacson Kluts and his primary school teacher wife Dominque, who fell in love with their Raglan section the day Jason proposed to Dominique.

The family, including two-year-old daughter Lilia, have been staying in a tent and then a caravan on the site, but they have bigger plans – for a tiny house bach – which they discuss with Clarke.

“We just fell in love with the views,” says Dominique. “We love the section and we still want to spend a lot of time outside, so a tiny house makes more sense.”

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“I like the way you have stepped up from a tent to a caravan, to now thinking about a tiny house – you have literally stepped up the property ladder from the smallest base point,” says Clarke who is clearly already excited.

“You’ve got to start thinking big in a tiny house. You have to think very creatively about every single space and how its going to will work. But small really is beautiful up here. You’ve got a small little section and you want your small little house on it, but with big views.”

So they map it out with ropes and it’s roughly 25 square metres. “Seems big when you compare it to a caravan, but compared to an ordinary house, hmm.”

At the end of the first episode Jacson is in no doubt about the hard work involved. He’s nervous, but excited. “This is our dream. This is our patch of paradise and with the hard work it will be all the more worthwhile.”

You have to admire their desire to do it properly, and to sacrifice size so they can improve on the finishes.

Mitre 10 has also launched episode 2, where the planning really gets under way.

Auckland architect Tane Pratt, from Pacific Environments NZ, presents the plans, which highlight lots of storage options, indoor-outdoor connections, a ladder to a mezzanine master bedroom, and a rooftop deck. And it all looks pretty cool.

Clarke also has some ideas, including moving stuff around, so plenty to think about here. And indeed the couple sit on the plans for a couple of months, and there’s a rethink happening re the size, as Dominique is expecting their second child.

The footprint goes up to 30 square metres.

“They say building a house is one of the most stressful things in your life, and definitely this is a pocket rocket stress situation,” says Jacson Kluts. “There’s so much to do and a lot to learn, and we just hope we have dotted the i-s and crossed the t-s because it’s going to be a very, very busy couple of months.”

Mitre 10 CEO Neil Cowie says building tiny doesn’t mean you have to compromise. “In fact only needing a little of something means you can afford the best. In this series, the couple put it to the test to achieve a luxury home with a high-end finish, showing how we can achieve the big kiwi dream by thinking small.”