1491779739584 - Game of Thrones reveals new winter costumes, hitting all of fashion’s top trends

Game of Thrones reveals new winter costumes, hitting all of fashion’s top trends

Sure, in the kingdoms of Game of Thrones there’s the undead lurking around, and people quite willing to pull your innards out through your bellybutton and all that, but the terror of making a fashion faux pas? Well, that’s pretty high up there.

So it’s quite fitting really that the new costumes unveiled by the cast of Game of Thrones this week are decidedly on-point. As in, could have been on the catwalks in Paris, New York and Milan earlier this month. Chic!

Take, for example, Tyrion Lannister (the wickedly wily black sheep of the Lannister family, and the GoT character you’d most like to have a drink with). His pinstripe vest?

It would have fit right in at DKNY’s New York show, especially with that immaculate tailoring – Tyrion is a man that knows that sartorial impressions count.

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Leather features prominently in the new costumes, with unusual shapes, a focus on detail and directional tailoring – so basically a nod to Anthony Vaccarello’s show for Saint Laurent at Paris fashion week earlier this year, just with a little bit less sexiness and a bit more, well, survival in an unending winter where someone’s out to put your head on a spike. 

Daenerys Targaryen is also debuting a new look. The kween appears to be ditching her fondness for ‘going out tops,’ for sharp tailoring – the 80s powersuit for the working woman has been making a comeback for a little while (shoulder pads and all), and boy does Daenerys Targaryen, mother of dragons, know this. Get it, girl.

Another worthy mention is Davos, Jon Snow’s loyal advisor, who’s working the lace-up top. It’s a look favoured by the likes of Kim Kardashian (circa 2016 at the VMAS), and is a favourite among the street style set (dress the look down a denim jacket!).

Cersei is all about the embellished shoulder, a look also favoured by designer of the moment, Alessandro Michele at Gucci. 

Meanwhile Varys, that dulcet toned snake, was way ahead of anybody when it came to wearing his pyjamas as day wear. His style has barely changed because the man knows that when you find your signature style, you stick with it. 

So if we know one thing about the upcoming season of GoT, the fashion is going to be hella fierce. Oh, and as ever, nobody is safe. Fashion might not save us after-all.