1493682533661 - Dodge opts for Vin Diesel power

Dodge opts for Vin Diesel power

There are no prizes if you can guess who Dodge have picked to front a new series of commercials called “The Brotherhood of Muscle”.

Yep, actor Vin Diesel, the Dodge-loving star of the Fast and Furious movie franchise has signed as the latest spokesman to power the US carmaker’s performance products.

Diesel’s first commercial of the series, dubbed “Rally Cry” went to air on May 2 (NZ time) and again, no surprises, as it features plenty of smokin’ tyre action and the range of Dodge’s SRT/Hellcat/Demon hot rods in the Challenger, Charger and Durango SUV.

“The Brotherhood of Muscle” campaign seizes on the huge interest in the The Fast and the Furious films Diesel stars in and timed to coincide with the rush surrounding the eighth instalment.

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“Bring us your loud, your fearless, your unhinged” Diesel says from behind the wheel of a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat in the first ad as Dodge and SRT vehicles power through shipyards and city streets. “Everyone the world deems too wild and restless. Go ahead, bring them to us, and get out of our way.”

Then, he punches it before delivering the tag line: “Welcome to the brotherhood of muscle.”

The other two ads are dubbed “Monsters” and “Shepherds”.

He said in a news release on Tuesday (NZ time) that his favourite vehicle since “The Fast and the Furious” began has always been the 1970 Dodge Charger.

“As Dodge is a partner in making the ‘Fast & Furious’ films, I’ve gotten to know what they stand for … as well as their passion for creating high-performance cars like the Hellcats and the Demon,” he said in a news release. “They’re bringing muscle back the right way and these are my kind of cars.”