1492640297036 - Combined Marlborough Boys’ and Girls’ Colleges to stage Evita

Combined Marlborough Boys’ and Girls’ Colleges to stage Evita

Blenheim’s colleges will be the first high schools in New Zealand to perform the drama Evita, chosen as their combined production this year. 

The show is based on the turbulent life of Eva Peron, the charismatic wife of Argentinian leader Juan Peron. 

Marlborough Boys’ College teacher and production manager Margaret Pringle says the mood will be different to the last combined colleges production, Hairspray, but there are still plenty of lighter moments. 

It is exciting that Marlborough Boys’ and Marlborough Girls’ colleges are the first high schools to get the opportunity to perform the musical, written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, she says. 

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The musical is different to Hairspray because it is more like an opera, with the story sung rather than acted.

“It’s a very challenging show, musically,” Margaret says. 

The cast of about 30 teenagers from both colleges was selected in February, with Marlborough Girls’ student Jessie Sawers, 17, chosen to play the lead role.

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Jessie says this is her first combined colleges production, and she is looking forward to getting on stage.

She performs in nearly all of the songs in the show, and is enjoying learning more about the musical. 

Jessie, who moved to Blenheim last year, was in the Blenheim Musical Theatre’s show Mamma Mia! and is very involved in singing and dancing. 

The role of Juan Peron will be played by year 13 Marlborough Boys’ student Daniel Brunel. 

The other principal roles are played by Amy Potts, who plays Juan Peron’s mistress, Justin Cook, who plays Eva’s former love interest Magaldi, and Bryce Blackmore, who plays the narrator. 

The show will open in August at the ASB Theatre.