1491889215951 - Cell phone free: Where to go when you want to give work emails and Facebook friends a miss

Cell phone free: Where to go when you want to give work emails and Facebook friends a miss

Try and get a mobile signal at the East Taranaki town of Whangamomona and you’re out of luck. 

And many people want it to stay that way to keep their tiny town a digital free paradise where people actually talk to each other. 

If that sounds like you we’ve got 10 other mobile black spots, as identified by Crown Fibre, where the digital age is yet to intrude. 

1. Milford Sound, Fiordland

So you’ve made it all the way to Milford Sound and now you want to send your mum photos of how beautiful it is. She’s going to have to wait. Mobile phones are useless in the sound. 

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2. Bethells Beach, Auckland

Forget about posting your latest sunbathing and/or sunset pics to your Facebook mates here. 

Bethells Beach is mobile reception unfriendly. Good on ya!

3. Cape Reinga

You’ve made it all the way to the top of New Zealand and you hear your phone ring. 

Just kidding. You’re not going to get a signal here.

4. Haast, West Coast

Can’t remember if the Haast eagle had a wingspan of three metres or four.

Forget about flicking out your phone to Google it. Reception is patchy at best.  

5. Jackson’s Hotel, Arthur’s Pass

That burger you just ate at Jackson’s Hotel was worth at least one Instagram post. 

Tough luck. This isn’t digital country mate. 

6. Lake Mahinapua, West Coast

You’ve had enough of whitebaiting on the coast. Now it’s time to head inland and relax by the lake. 

But if you’ve haven’t downloaded your Netflix fix before you get there, you’re going screen free buddy. 

7. Makara, Wellington

It’s just a hop, skip and a jump from our capital but Makara is in a different world digitally.  

Try and drop a hashtag here and they won’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

8. Punakaiki, West Coast

They call them the Pancake Rocks because they look like pancakes.

They’ll call you something else if you try and use your mobile phone to make a call here.

9. Tongaporutu, Taranaki

If you ever wondered what New Zealand looked like 40 years ago, Tongaporutu is the place to go. 

You won’t find Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram anywhere. Hurrah!

10. Totaranui Beach, Abel Tasman National Park

If you enjoy it quiet and peaceful while you fish, Totaranui Beach is for you. 

If you like checking your work emails on your phone, it is not.