1491945272378 - Backstage secrets from The Bachelor NZ stylist Terese Tomlins

Backstage secrets from The Bachelor NZ stylist Terese Tomlins

The Bachelor NZ is a slightly more relaxed show this season, stylist Terese Tomlins says. 

With the group travelling to muggy Thailand, the crew weren’t keen to have anyone fainting from the combination of heat and a tight dress. The drama is meant to be interpersonal, not medical. 

“It’s more floaty dresses, not as many sequins,” Tomlins says. “We tried to make them all as comfortable as possible.”

While this season, The Bachelor’s third in New Zealand, might be more laid back for contestants, Tomlins still has a big job. She started with 19 women all wanting to look their best, both on screen and in front of bachelor Zac Franich. 

“I had to to a lot of forward planning… in terms of the numbers of dresses, the colours, and what’s going to work in the heat,” she says. READ MORE: * Bachelorette Ally Thompson’s makeup and fashion secrets * Best & worst dressed: The Bachelor NZ Season 2 * The Bachelor NZ reunion: what we want to know

“You cannot predict who’s going home and how many people at one time. You have to be prepared for every possible situation. It’s major packing.”

With the stress of the show and travel, Tomlins says some contestants end up going up or down a dress size. You can imagine her suitcases for the overseas portion of filming. 

Contestants are limited to one suitcase and an overnight bag, and dress themselves on group dates and while hanging out in between. Tomlins and her team will veto patterns that don’t work on TV – white is a no-no – and dress the women for single dates and rose ceremonies. 

While on the US version of the show, women sometimes spend thousands on clothes before filming, Tomlins says it’s more likely to be a couple of new tops and a bikini here. 

“Girls have told me, ‘Oh I bought this for going on the show,’” but it’s not to that extent, she says. 

The show has a relationship with Servilles hairdressers, Tomlins says, “so they come in and will redo roots, touch up colours and do the odd trim.”

Tomlins agrees that the women tend to look better and better throughout the season, and puts it down to her team getting to know their style. 

“It does get easier in terms of workload but it gets a bit more emotional,” she says.

“Because we’re people they have close relationships with they want to talk about their feelings and they do start caring more about the way they look because they care more about him.”

The Bachelor NZ continues Sundays at 7pm and Mondays at 7.30pm on Three