1491785385996 - Bachelorette Lucia wishes she could’ve left the party earlier

Bachelorette Lucia wishes she could’ve left the party earlier

Good things happen when you lose The Bachelor.  1. You get to leave The Bachelor.

2. You get free French toast for breakfast.

And 3. You get to come into Stuff’s Auckland newsroom for an interview about your time on the show New Zealand loves and loves to hate. This Monday, 21-year-old Lucia stepped into the office after getting axed in Thailand.

Student Lucia arrived back at her Manukau nursing campus about two weeks ago now. She was taken to Thailand and dropped into a storm of awkwardness when three new contenders arrived unannounced. Then lifesaver Zac Franich refused to throw her a line.

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 Back to the student life it was.

The worst part about being predictably dumped on public television was that she couldn’t leave the party earlier, Lucia said.

She knew her time was nearing its end and wanted to explore Thailand. Instead, Lucia was trapped at a cocktail party and the host didn’t really want her there.

At the party, Lucia had only one short chat with bachelor Franich: “He just kind of caught up with me, and had a bit of a chat, just to solidify his decision.”

Asked if she would have rather been sightseeing, Lucia responded: “I 100 per cent would have just loved to, at least seen some sights in Thailand, because I didn’t see any.

“We were just in a hotel and then we had a cocktail party and then I left.”

It was slightly awkward, Lucia said, given she had been friend-zoned by the bachelor.

“It’s a hard situation to be in, you wouldn’t stay around if you didn’t want to be there. So I think, a lot of the girls even though they don’t know him, they are genuinely wanting to get to know this guy.”

From what Lucia knew of him, “he was such a nice guy, but we both realised it wasn’t going to work”.

Those tears at the end of Sunday night’s episode? They weren’t for Zac, she said. She only spent about two hours with Zac over her time there. “I was so gutted to be leaving the girls.”