1492742007733 - Author and poet Tourettes bringing his own style of teaching to the capital

Author and poet Tourettes bringing his own style of teaching to the capital

Dyslexia never stopped Dominic Hoey from creating, and now Wellingtonians will have the chance to learn from the successful author, poet and musician.

Hoey will bring his unique brand of teaching to the Toi Poneke Arts Centre for his exclusive two-day writing course Learn to Write Good, across the weekend of May 27.

The course will take aspiring writers through the fundamentals of the craft, helping them find their voice.

Living with dyslexia, Hoey didn’t learn to write until he was eight, which he believes has given his teaching a unique perspective.

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“Because it took so long to learn the basics, it has enabled me to clearly identify the problems,” he says.

“With [dyslexia] you learn to see things differently.”

His course started after he spent years informally teaching writing structure to those around him.

Since then he has run six Learn to Read Good courses in Auckland.

“It has been amazing. The waiting list has been so long,” he says.

“I’m really passionate about it and it shows that anyone can be a good writer.”

The course has seen multiple people go on to get published, but despite this the course is open to people of all abilities.

“Some people come in who are already published, whereas some haven’t written a word in their life.”

“I get them to create while they are there. They go from having nothing at the start, and show what we have got at the end.

“It’s incredible to see the improvement.”

Hoey did not start taking writing seriously until he was 22, although he has since gone on to achieve a number of feats.

Under the pseudonym Tourettes​, he has crafted five studio albums, written two books, four short films, and is currently writing a one-man show which will open in July.

On top of that, Hoey is also set to launch his debut novel Iceland on June 15.

The story follows two protagonists living in the Auckland suburb of Grey Lynn.

It has been in in creation for five years, with time spent in both Iceland and Rarotonga.

“No-one is a great writer straight away,” he says.

“I want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to learn the how to write.”

* The course takes place on May 27-28 at the Toi Poneke Arts Centre, Abel Smith St.

* Prices are set at $200 and are limited to 12 people.

* For more info or to book a space email Tourettes.one@gmail.com