1492283067765 - At my place: Radio host James Coleman’s Waterview home

At my place: Radio host James Coleman’s Waterview home

Radio host James Coleman lives in Waterview, Auckland, with his wife, two children and their cat in a home he described as an “upstairs downstairs work in progress.”

The host of RadioLIVE’s FIVE@FIVE show has had an exciting career as a radio DJ, morning television presenter and an actor, but despite his busy life he’s always happy to welcome unannounced guests into his home. 

“But don’t come empty handed,” Coleman said. 

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Describe your house in two sentences?

An upstairs downstairs work in progress, tucked away near the sea. We love it.

Describe your style in three words?

A reformed minimalist.Where is your home and who lives there with you? I live in Waterview, Auckland with my wife, two children and a cat.

First thing you do when you get home each day?

Kiss the Mrs.

Best new buy? Alginate – a moulding substance which we used to make hand casts out of cement.Proudest DIY moment? Building a home studio/office.

Favourite spot to relax (and what do you do there)?

Marlborough Sounds. We swim in the clear water, eat fish and improve the bach.

Best kept secret about the area you live in? It’s so quiet. Sshhhh.What is the best money you ever spent on the house? Floor polishing.

Favourite way of entertaining?

Around the table with friends.

Best kitchen tool and why? A meat cleaver. It can be used on everything from parsley to chops.What can’t you live without:? My espresso machine.

Favourite piece of furniture?

Our 50s black leather sofa.

Favourite artwork or family treasure and why you love it?

Our Martin Poppelwell triptych – I love his early rabbit work. 

Favourite household appliance?

The coffee grinder.

One thing you’d like to change around your house?

I’d love to flip it – live downstairs, sleep upstairs.

What’s your signature dish:

Roast mutton.

What’s your quickest dinner idea?

Sausages and peppers. Get sausages. Get peppers. Fry. 

How do you feel about unannounced guests?

I’m cool with it. But don’t come empty handed. 

Shoes on or off in your house:


Favourite/least favourite household chore:

Favourite – making breakfast. Least Favourite – washing dishes.

What’s one domestic/housework/gardening trick you’ve learnt over the years?

Don’t panic – there is a lumpy stage in all gravy life cycles.

Favourite flowers?


Favourite colour combination?

Black and white.

Listen to James on the FIRST@FIVE show from 5am-6am weekdays on RadioLIVE.