1492724325292 - At my place: Life and style blogger Abby Plested’s family home

At my place: Life and style blogger Abby Plested’s family home

Abby Plested’s house in Grey Lynn is always open for visitors. “People like to come around here because it’s so stable and comfortable,” she says. 

The young mum of two – Houston, 3 years, and Goldie Grace, 3 months – has set up her home with husband Dan Plested to accommodate their little family and friends that often pop around for a visit. 

She has a strong belief in being honest and open. Her blog, Honey We Are More, and Instagram posts offer some candid insights into the ups and downs of motherhood and her own journey. 

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Abby’s own DIY projects dot the house and she believes there’s no need to baby proof. But she does buy her furniture with the kids in mind: “I would love a glass dining table, but it’s just not practical with two young kids. All the stickiness and fingerprints would actually make it look far worse than it’s potential to look good.” 

Describe your house in two sentences: My house is welcoming with big spaces and vibrating colours. There’s also a funky aspect, with cactuses, plants and art.

Describe your style in three words: Edgy, vibrant and different.

Where is your home and who lives there with you: I live in Grey Lynn with my husband, Daniel; two kids, Houston and Goldie; and our dog, Sai.

First thing you do when you get home each day: Open all the doors and windows… I love a good indoor-outdoor flow.

Best new buy: My big cactus.

Proudest DIY moment: Our bedroom light.

Favourite spot to relax (and what do you do there): Sitting at the dining table when the morning light is shining in, with a big cup of coffee in hand.

Best kept secret about the area you live in:  All the neighbours are so lovely. 

Best money I ever spent on the house: Marilyn Munroe print in our entrance.

Favourite way of entertaining: BBQ on a nice evening.

Best kitchen tool and why: Coffee plunger for sure! 

I can’t live without: Coffee plunger.

Favourite piece of furniture: The mirror in my lounge (if that counts as furniture).

Favourite artwork or family treasure and why you love it: Our hanging Moroccan wedding blanket. I got this for my 21st so have had for a couple of years and always wanted it in my home one day.

One thing I’d like to change around my house: The splashback in our kitchen.

What’s your signature dish: Moroccan spiced pearl barley salad from Whole cook book by Bronwyn Kan.

What’s your quickest dinner idea: Stuffed capsicums, they take two secs. Mince with chilli beans stuffed into capsicums and baked in the oven topped with Greek yoghurt, coriander and sweet chilli sauce.

How do you feel about unannounced guests: Love it!

Shoes on or off in your house: Don’t mind as we have wooden floors downstairs but upstairs I would say off.

Favourite/least favourite household chore: Least, cleaning the bathroom. Favourite, washing, I love it!

What’s one domestic/housework/gardening trick you’ve learnt over the years: Keep on top of your washing otherwise it will rule your life and never go to bed without a clean bench/kitchen. My mum taught me this. It is honestly the best feeling walking down to a clean kitchen in the morning, starts your day so right.

Favourite flowers: Orchid by far or King Protea.

Favourite colour combination: It depends. I like many, as you can tell by my home.

Best baby proofing hack: Don’t baby proof. Let them learn and they won’t do it again.