1493186121257 - Are McDonald’s new uniforms the look of Star Wars villainy?

Are McDonald’s new uniforms the look of Star Wars villainy?

McDonald’s in the US has revealed new uniform designs and social media is not lovin’ it. The outfits are various shades of gray with lots of straight lines and a boxiness.

Some critics on Twitter are saying the uniforms look like they’re from a severe dystopian world or from the officers aboard the Empire starships in Star Wars.

The Empire got numerous shoutouts. As did The Hunger Games. And the book 1984. And North Korea.

Because of the uniforms are all gray, there were digs at Happy Meals.

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The monochromatic look was designed by Waraire Boswell, who says on his website that his creations have been worn by celebrities including TV show host Ellen DeGeneres, actor Will Smith, Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant and singer Pharrell Williams.

The new look debuts this month in the US, where they could be worn by as many as 850,000 employees in an estimated 14,000 restaurants, McDonald’s said.

“This major move is another step in the company’s commitment to become America’s best first job and improve the restaurant experience,” the company explained in a written statement.

“More than 70 per cent of restaurant employees surveyed feel that the new uniforms provide a modern image that they would be proud to wear.”

Boswell could be reached immediately for comment about the social-media mocking.